1st Week of March

I wish I could say that the first full week of March was as lovely as the end of February but sadly the weather has turned a little unsettled. With winds pushing 70mph at times it's not only been tough to do any work but difficult to even keep things held down! A brief respite in the wind did allow us to get up and do a little bit of work, the first lot of early spuds have been sown, I'll sow another row in a few weeks time so that they remain small and tasty through the short season. A session of seed sowing last week saw the first few cucumbers, courgette and some more tomatoes hit the compost and fill up our kitchen again, we've also sown a few more cabbages etc just in case of failures.

The Polytunnel very nearly gave up on us this last week, acting like a wind break it's taken a bit of a hammering! It's been redone now though with a much sturdier front frame!

The front of the tunnel bent out of shape! A new frame is holding it up now!

First Broad Beans starting to pop up

First Early Spuds in. (Charlotte)

Maximizing space, we plan on growing salad crops in the guttering 

French breakfast radishes!