Woodlarks at Arne

I'm currently very fortunate to be volunteering full time with the RSPB Dorset Estates team, I love every minute of it and the support I'm getting to forge my path into conservation is immense, I will be eternally grateful to all of my co-workers for this!

One of the major upsides to this is where I get to work, our base is RSPB Arne and it's great to be back, some of us have been having a little bit of a year list challenge which has seen us surveying for species that haven't been seen at Arne for a few years like Lesser-spotted Woodpecker and Marsh Tit. I managed to see the former back in January without even looking but the latter is proving more difficult. On a nice foray for LSW last week we picked up some nice species such as Common Crossbill, Lesser Redpoll and Woodlark, the woodpeckers however weren't playing ball.

Woodlark (Portland 2014)

Being such a beautiful morning we were hoping the Woodlarks on Hydes Heath would be displaying and luckily, we weren't wrong! It was also beautifully still which allowed for some sound recording. I hope later today to post a video on how I processed these recordings in part 2 of my nocturnal series.