Pyrenees Photos

Honey Buzzard, This was taken from our terrace, birds like this could be seen nearly every day anywhere we went.

Cattle Egrets from our balcony, these birds have really become established now, my first visit in 2010 didn't see Cattle Egret on the trip list!

Egyptian Vulture, a bird of the higher Pyrenees but always easy to see, this bird was seen in Jaca, Spain. 

Short-toed Eagle, not as numerous as a few birds had already departed south but this showy individual was great to study on the French/Spanish Border.

Osprey were nearly seen on a daily basis, this bird dropped into a reservoir for 10 minutes before heading south.

Pekin Robin - No trip to the Pyrenees is the same without one!

Purple Heron, surprisingly a French Tick for me 

Pied Flycatcher, many, many birds seen, including well in excess of 100 around the village we stayed in.

Citril Finch, always manage to catch up with them but never tire of seeing this hardy finch!

Griffon Vulture, No words needed!

Another Honey Buzzard, this bird was watched for 20 minutes as it rose from the valley below and sailed off south into Spain.

Lammergier! I have plenty of sites for these birds but this was without doubt the best view ever!

Booted Eagle, again from our patio, it wasn't bad there!