May Madness!

It's all begun to happen, after a very slow April the better birds started to come through thick and fast. The Kentish Plover on the 1st didn't hang around and I only saw it the once, the next day saw a Roseate Tern fishing off the Chesil and 2 flew through the following day, the 5th saw me on the Chesil at 5:30, alomost immediately rewarded with a flock of Terns heading over the beach, Common, Arctic and most importantly 3 Black Tern, a Patch Tick for me! A further 4 were seen during the morning, I'd arranged a Wader ID session at Ferrybridge for 10am so departed from the beach an met my small group in the car park. A few Dunlin, Ringed Plover and 3 Sanderling were present, along with a couple of Whimbrel and Oystercatcher, about 30 minutes in I was alerted by a Trill call coming from behind, expecting it to be a Serin I called it as such but fairly quickly realized it didn't sound right and much more like a Temminck's Stint! I picked up the bird in question and fired off a couple of photos, it pitched in for about 15 seconds before flying strongly north without hesitation, my photos revealed white outer tail sides, a clincher for ID even if it hadn't called. 2 Knot dropped in out of nowhere, as did 3 Barwit, some Turnstones were milling around for a while to take us to 9 Species of Wader, not the best count but filled with quality!

Black Terns and the Temminck's Stint

The 6th saw a mad dash after a cafe shift to Lodmoor for a Cattle Egret, this was another patch first and my first in Dorset for 4 years! I decided on a visit to the beach in the evening as the evening was lovely and passage had been good in the morning, 8 Pomarine Skuas passed almost as I arrived which later moved on east and round the Bill, a flock of Black-headed Gulls passed through with what is considered to be a very good candidate for American Herring Gull, although it was muttered at the time, views weren't great in the fading light, I was lucky enough to see the bird again on the 9th and fired of a few more photos, again the bird does seriously resemble a Smith, however I haven't any field experience with this species but I reckon it could be one - but what do I know!. Then onto this morning where a Black-winged Stilt was found at Lodmoor, It showed superbly well on the west scrape and brings an end to an awesome 10 days birding around Weymouth and Portland! Come and Join me soon, just look at what's on offer! 

?American Herring Gull
Black-winged Stilt

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