Long MAY this continue

Well it just keeps getting better and better it seems! I don't like running, I've never felt all the good at it and the end result is a painful sweaty mess, wandering through town to Radipole I had no idea that I was about to read this on my phone.

It didn't take long for any rational thought to disappear and before I knew it I was in a near sprint for my car just over a mile away. Trying to change gear whilst shaking with adrenalin and lactic acid wasn't all that easy but seemingly I managed okay arriving at Reap Lane just 15 minutes after the message, more running ensued, sadly in the wrong direction and away from where the bird was about to end up. To cut a long story short, it was tough going but the bird was found at Reap Lane and performed brilliantly for the next hour!

Such a phenomenally good bird and one I've been after ever since looking a bird book with European birds in! It took a good few hours to wake up after that one, the rest of the day was a bit of a blur, however it did result in me bumping into a Garganey at Lodmoor in the afternoon.

I had to go and work at the Arne Café on Saturday morning, though before that another quick visit to Lodmoor resulted in a very distant Red-rumped Swallow.

Today's Highlight and more Patchwork challenge points came from this Great White Egret at Radipole from the North Hide. Such an outrageously good spell has to come to and soon, I really hope it doesn't though as I'm Absolutely loving it!