26th April - Serindipity!


1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck: the serendipity of glancing under the feeder and finding a scarce migrant.

I wonder how many blogging birders have used that as a title after finding a Serin?

I know I've not blogged for a while, but then I've not had anything to blog about really, okay I broke the Dorset and Portland spring Little Gull day record, added numerous points and birds to my Patchwork Challenge list and generally had a nice time it has taken a while for me to score with a half decent find. The 20th of April dawned really grim, rain was due to approach from the west and then set in for the best part of the day. For some reason the world and his wife thought it was going to be good so had descended upon the obs in the hope something nice would be about, the only problem is no-one was actually out looking! I took a short walk around the bill, though not really expecting too much, however a male Ring Ouzel flushed from the front garden adding a little bit more promise to the day. Walking back past the coastguards cottages a small finch with a yellow rump flashed past and vanished, now I knew what it was but could I claim a subliminal view of a Serin? sounded dodgy to me and I'd just seen the bird! I returned for a Coffee as the rain was imminent, casually glancing under the bird feeder, without hesitation I calmly mentioned to everyone that there was a Serin under there, calmly in the hope pandemonium wouldn't ensue, I was wrong and the scramble to the door was quite comical, you'd be amazed just how many grown men can attempt to squeeze into the same viewing angle! It paraded itself for about 45 minutes before flying off, never to be seen again! That's 4 self found Serins in 4 years now, could I perhaps have a Trumpeter Finch next please...