Lighouse attraction

Typically, when Glen visits most evenings end up in some way debauched, sometimes early in the evening allowing for a nice recovery, though sometimes it goes on to the small hours I we all wake feeling hideous the next day. Fortunately though I might have grown up a little bit and do seem to be able to sneak off to be before ending up too rotten! Yesterday evening was no different, though when Peter popped outside and alerted us to a Lighthouse attraction I sobered up very quickly. My first impression of the flashing lights in the beams were of aircraft, we were all soon told that they were in fact birds buzzing around the main light, dazzled by the beams! Martin and I shot down the bill to observe it a little better, Loads of Robins, Ringed Plover, Golden Plover, LRP, Greenshank, Dunlin, Song Thrush, Yellow Wagtail and Snipe were all heard calling in the gloom, One bird even perched up on the railings! An incredible experience, and fortunately what looked like no fatalities. Once tucked up in bed I thought I was dreaming when someone exclaimed "I just caught a Wheatear in the porch"... Turns out I wasn't as it's sat next to me this morning!

Also from last week I managed to continue my run of garden form with a nice Juv Common Rosefinch ringed on Thursday...