I know it's not THAT rare... but another self-found tick

11AM: It's pretty hot, the sun is shining and there really isn't much going on, net round after net round drew blanks and I'm getting close to giving up, a quick cuppa and a hot sausage sarnie got me going again and decided another hour or two wouldn't hurt.

11:55AM: The penultimate net, I flushed a Warbler from the low bushes, and it dived head first into the net, Result! Taking it out I realized it's Identity down to 2 species but actually they seem so much harder to separate in the hand, especially with a nice amount of adrenalin about to kick in! In the comfortable surrounds of the Ringing hut though it was straight forward, Wing of 78, enormous projection and a pale panel much more visible. Icterine Warbler! Ageing was simple, still fresh feathers with no real ware so a bird of this year, and technically a Juvenile due to Icterine Warblers only beginning post-juvenile moult when they reach their wintering grounds. Exciting Huh!