I've been trying to think of what content could top Monday's post, I soon realized that it just wasn't possible, it was potentially a once in a lifetime write up, probably. Bird wise this week has been a little on the quiet side, although a small fall of migrants on Tuesday and Wednesday was welcome, ringing 102 birds on Tuesday including 61 Sedge Warbler was probably the best bit. Being a sucker for punishment I headed out Tuesday night to catch waders, I caught one, a rather scruffy Dunlin.

Today was pretty quiet, so quiet in fact I decided to twitch a Red-crested Pochard, so far a bird I hadn't caught up with in Dorset, today though changed that...

We've had a few nice Moths this week too, mostly from Martin's trap at the grove.

Gold Spot, Dewick's Plusia and Wormwood.