2 In one!

PBO Log 1st August

We all finally woke to a clear sky this morning, a little bit of early cloud rolled in but quickly departed and the thermometer read 22degrees at one stage this afternoon. Early reports from our usual stalwarts were rather unexciting, this however was soon changed with a visit to open up the crop nets, it appeared a few migrants had dropped in overnight. With this relayed back a bit of fieldwork soon produced some numbers, the bill received all the coverage and including ringing areas we soon notched up a few birds; 30 Sedge Warbler, 5 Grasshopper Warbler, 3 Willow Warbler, and a few Whitethroats, though difficult to distinguish from local breeders and migrants there certainly seemed to be more around today. The only birds through on the sea today were of 2 Med Gulls, a Yellow-legged Gull and an Arctic Skua was reported this afternoon. Overnight mothing produced 8 Silver Y, 3 Xylostella, 2 Noctuella and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth, the latter was also on the wing in the obs garden this evening.

Joe's Blog

So this afternoon I decided it was time to roll the bike out again and head off Island, it's amazing the scenery you can take in whilst out, once I'd got through the hustle and bustle of Weymouth I headed out to Upwey, a lovely village with nice smooth roads, excellent! doubling back on myself I soon found I was heading in the direction of Abbotsbury on not only was quite a deceiving false flat but one of the most poorly surfaced roads I've ever ridden on, I not only need new legs but now i need new gluts! anyway, it was on this rather poor road that I came across a Red Kite purposefully flying west, not a bird I see all that often in Dorset! The view from the top was worth the effort though, pretty much a 360 degree panoramic view of south-west Dorset, absolutely marvelous! This weeks 50Km ride is now under my belt and I realize 3 things;
1. I'm still not fit.
2. the people who ride past me up hills are MUCH fitter than me.
3. I'm a really good shot with a banana skin- who'd have thought I could have thrown it into a bin while doing 35kmh! pure entertainment to all who was watching!

couple of days off now. #shutuplegs!