Sun, Sea and a serious lack of birds...

What could we expect? The weather is just blisteringly hot, birding is seemingly limited to very early morning, and the ringing is stopping at around 11:30 each day, though this morning again we had quite a few Balearic Shearwater again, now seen 40 in 2 days! The upside of this belting weather is a lot of moths, not much of quality but beggars can't be choosers, at least there is something to go through in the morning. Today's catch included;
 Brussels Lace
 Dusky Sallow
Rosy Footman

All rather splendid, there's a rather dandy looking Mirco too but I can't remember it's name so It's awaiting re-identification, Being that It was hot today chances were Chalkhill Blue would be on the wing, a trip up to the high angle battery landed me this little scorcher!