So it all starts again

It seems a while since I shut down my old blog, although now when I think about it, it was only a month ago, and updates were pretty sparse if I'm honest, but due to a bit of nagging I'm giving it a second shot. The difficulty is trying to come up with something new and exciting, so difficult in fact I haven't bothered, instead I'll stick with the basic layout of words and hopefully a few decent images, it'll keep the family happy if you know what I mean ;)

I'm in a rather fortunate position since my last blog, I very recently became the Assistant Warden at Portland Bird Obs, of which i am hugely grateful to everyone involved in that process, so I couldn't be in a better place, or want to be for that matter! With this in mind I hope this blog will be of interest to those who stumble across it, but you know, I can't please everyone!

The weekend just gone was spent back up in Hampshire for my sisters birthday, with it being so hot and muggy I took a Moth trap with me in the hope of catching a few different species to which I see day to day on Portland, although only really concentrating on Macros I managed a rather impressive Haul on the first night, Just over 200 of 62 Species, although the wasn't too much of interest to start with, the second tray revealed 3 Leopard Moth, a stunning looking creature which was a first for me and probably the highlight of the weekend. Last night landed me with 300+ moths in and around the trap, This included Buff-tip, Beautiful Golden Y, Blackneck, Peach Blossom, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Burnished Brass, 4 Species of Hawkmoth and plenty of other really stonking moths! below are just a few images from the weekend, also Right at the bottom is a Lulworth Skipper which was seen in good numbers this afternoon.

Beautiful Golden Y
Burnished Brass
Leopard Moth