Microscopic marvels from a microscopic world.

 When I first decided to take the plunge with Moths I vowed never to get involved with Micros, the Macro families seemed more than enough to tackle, however when someone showed me Crambus Lathoniellus through a magnifying glass I began to see the attraction. During my weekend at home I collected up a few Micros for later identification, being honest I did only pot up the funky looking moths as I've got to start slowly... just too many are small and brown!
 Catopria Pinella
Argyresthia Goedartella
 Coleophora Trifollii

Just ultimate punk moths and far more interesting than Heart and Dart! Although in the trap this morning were a couple of new macros for me, Lesser Broad bordered Yellow Underwing and Scalloped Oak (I know, I know, I only started this year!)

On another note, having followed Gavin Haig's excellent Not Quite Scilly I noticed his use of a web program called Strava, I'll not bore you but in short it's an excellent tool for you and your bike should you have a GPS device. A quick ride this afternoon led me to a section called The Decent Of Fortune, It's basically a who dares wins decent from The heights Hotel to Chiswell, now being my first attempt on a new bike a change of underwear was needed at the bottom but still finished a whole 37 seconds slower than the fastest time, not only do you get cars in the way but it's twisty, lumpy and a little like doing Le col du Tormalet backwards! In places you can hit 70kmh... I didn't however. Another attempt when it's cool tomorrow morning, remembering that I have to go back up!