Bit of a sore bum... oh and some birds.

It’s amazing the influence music has on my writing style, the opening sentence of the this post was changed 3 times before I switched from Rammstien to Madeski, Martin and Wood, Quite extraordinary! It was so different in fact I scrapped the whole post and started over!  Anyway, Sunday afternoon I took to the road in the hope of putting 50km into my legs, I failed miserably because midway through the ride I realized it included the climb back up to Portland, not a heavy climb, only a cat 4 (one which you could do on a unicycle) but on a new bike, new saddle etc i didn't want find I couldn't do it, it's pretty embarrassing pushing your bike up a hill! I did find a decent I can hit 70kmh though, get 3 points and a £60 for that, shame there's not a speed camera! A nice ride in the end, but my word my arse is sore!

Saturday night I found myself cold and alone at the bottom of a quarry, no I didn’t fall in, It seemed a good idea in the morning to take out a Moth trap to the north of the island. My catch was very varied, so much so that all 11 moths were different species, It was so terrible I was tucked up in bed by midnight! Lesson learned? No, I’m back out tonight… Sunday morning I had a little hunch that there would be some birds in the crop field, I proved myself right (for a change) returning with the first migrant Sedge Warbler of the autumn on my first round, the second round proved even more productive with a Grasshopper Warbler, Exciting stuff! Yesterday was fairly rubbish in terms of weather, after an awesome thunderstorm the night before the air was very muggy and it wasn’t long before the mist rolled in, which still hasn’t left. I did however pop to Ferrybridge, there held a Ringed Plover which had been reported to us in the morning with a Red Flag on it’s leg, turns out that it was ringed as a nestling in May over 1000Km away in Sweden! I’ll post some more pictures of moths tomorrow, hopefully something new in the trap for me tonight!

Okay just one, Aethes Cnicana Because it's gold...